Welcome to the Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game...

‘Doctor Who’ is a paragraph based solitaire story game. You read various numbered sections one after another but the sequence of the paragraphs is determined by rules and tables. Each describes a new situation, or provides rules about the choices and actions you can make. There are plenty of events and situations, so each game will be a new, fresh experience.

This html version is based on the original book version created by Simon Cogan. The book game has four booklets.

The Event booklet has sections divided into encounters with both friends and foes (paragraphs that start with ‘e’), the Adventure booklet details all the incredible locations that the TARDIS can travel to (with paragraphs that begin with ‘a’), the Enemy booklet describes the various enemies and aliens that oppose the Doctor (with paragraphs that begin with ‘v’), and this rules booklet (that has rules paragraphs that begin with ‘r’).

How to Play

Doctor Who is an adventure game played in turns. A standard turn starts with you selecting an Action (r306), such as Exploring, Planning or Investigating. Depending on the Action selected, you are referred to a chart, where you roll two dice. The dice roll may then indicate an event section, which you then resolve.

After each Action you roll on the Encounter Matrix (r307) to see if an encounter has occurred and the type of encounter. If you do have an encounter then a table in the Adventure Booklet will ask you to roll another die and this will lead you to a new event that you normally find in the Event or Enemy booklets. Some events have keywords like Danger or Temporal which are used to modify other encounters.

Some events may lead to fighting, described in the combat rules (r308). You may also have additional characters join you as Allies. These additional characters are especially useful in fights, although some may have knowledge or abilities useful in certain events. Some Characters become Companions (r303) who join your adventures in the TARDIS.

Generally in an Adventure (r305), you will try to Defeat an Enemy (see r304). This is done by gaining Plot events to find out what has been happening and then reveal the Enemy. Once you know the identity of the Enemy you must try to discover their Goal. You must then try to Defeat them by gaining enough Defeat Modifiers (DM) until you are ready to Oppose the Enemy.

Defeating an Enemy will gain you Luck Points (r301) – losing to the Enemy will lose you Luck Points – or worse...


Each character in the game has a Brains, Brawn and Bravery value. These are called Qualities (r302) and are rated numerically, with higher numbers being better. Characters also have Traits – skills and abilities that might be useful (or not) throughout the game.

When a character joins you, note his (or her) Qualities and Traits as needed. Other characters encountered during events need not always be permanently recorded. Unless they join you, these other characters may simply go on their way, and "disappear" from the game.

To read through the rules start with R301. Your Character. You may also wish to note the differences with this html version.

To start the game, go to the Adventure prologue A400.