R311. Using Luck Points to Gain Abilities

At the end of an adventure you may spend Luck points to increase Qualities, gain or increase Traits or gain various artefacts, such as the famous sonic screwdriver, to help you in further adventures. You can also turn Allies into Companions. Both you and your Companions can improve Qualities and Traits.

Increasing Qualities: To increase Qualities, you must spend Luck points equal to the current value of the Quality. (Example: 6 Luck points to increase a Bravery of 6 to a 7).

Museums: if at a Museum location, you may gain or increase Science or History for 1 point less than usual.

Tutors: If you have a tutor (another TARDIS Character or Friend) that already has a desired Trait (or a Quality at least 3 greater), then for another Character to gain that Quality or Trait costs 1 point less.

Increasing Traits: To gain a Trait costs 3 Luck points. To increase a Trait you have costs 5 points from 1 to 2 and 8 points from 2 to 3. You may never have more than 3 in any Trait.

Gaining Equipment: You may spend 3 Luck points to roll once on e010.

A New Companion: You may turn your Ally into a Companion by spending points equal to the number of Traits the Ally has. You may instantly increase a Quality of the Character (your choice) by 1.

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