R310. Rest and Healing Wounds


You and your group may choose to rest as an Action to try and heal your wounds. Certain events or items can also help you heal.

Healing Wounds: A Character with Medicine may make a Medicine 10 roll to either heal a Wound or turn a Serious Wound into a Wound. If there is more than one person with Medicine in your group, they may either try separately or combine their Traits. A Character with Medicine may try to heal himself, although they will have a modifier if Seriously Wounded.

At the end of each adventure, each of your TARDIS Characters heals one level.

Radiation Wounds: A wound received through radiation cannot be healed normally. It remains a wound regardless of rest taken, until either an event or item provides a cure, or the character dies.

Regeneration: If, as the Doctor, you have to regenerate, then you lose all Luck points, and then return as a different incarnation of the Doctor. You have to choose your Qualities and Traits as if starting the game again – see r301. Also roll 1D6+1. For this amount of turns you are -2 to all Quality and Trait rolls.

Disease: A Character that is affected by a Disease event may or may not be able to heal any effects given by the Disease. See the event for the exact details.

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