R309. Wounds and Death

Wounds are caused by combat and other events.

Stun: If a Character is Stunned, it reduces the Brawn of that Character by 1 for the remainder of the combat. After the combat ends, the Character’s Brawn returns to normal. You may only be Stunned once during a combat. Further Stuns have no effect.

Wound: If a Character is Wounded, it reduces his Brawn by -2 until the wound is healed. If the Brawn of a Character falls to zero or below by this penalty, he is instead killed. A Character that is Wounded and then takes another Wound is considered Seriously Wounded instead.

KO: Instead of becoming Wounded, you may choose for a TARDIS Character (only) to be knocked out and removed from the fight. At the end of the fight, they recover with no other effects. Roll on the Surrender option if you lost the overall fight to see whether they wake up captured (or not...). If the Characters encountered have no Surrender option then any Characters KO’d will be killed (or eaten).

Serious Wound: When a Character is Seriously Wounded, it reduces Brawn by -4 until healed. Other Quality and Trait rolls have a -2 penalty. If the Brawn of a Character was 4 or less he is instead killed. If a Seriously Wounded Character takes another Wound or Serious Wound he is killed instead.

Death: The Character is killed. If a Companion is killed you must lose 1D3 Luck points unless another value is given in the specific event. If the Doctor is killed, roll 2D6. If the result is 7 or greater, then he regenerates instead (see r310), otherwise he is killed!

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