R308. Combat

When you and your allies must “fight” characters encountered, these combat rules are used. Sadly combat in ‘Doctor Who’ can be quite common when all other options are exhausted. Be warned however that combat in this game can be quite deadly!

Combat Procedure: Combat is fought in rounds and continues until one side escapes, surrenders or is killed. At the start of each round, you decide which of your characters will face each character encountered.

Selecting Opponents: Each character in your group is matched against one encountered character. Each should select a different enemy. If one side has extra characters, you decide which combats the extra characters join. They can all face one opponent, or each can face a different one, provided each character has at least one opponent to face.

Strikes: When facing multiple opponents, a character can strike at only one each round, but can select which one to strike against. If two or more characters both face an opponent, choose one Character to be the main combatant (the one with the highest Brawn) and add modifiers below depending on the Brawn of the supporting Characters as shown in the table below. To resolve a strike, take the total Brawn of both sides and add 1D6 and any modifiers below due to wounds or multiple Characters.

Find the difference between sides and then apply result below to a Character on the side with the lowest total Brawn. Some events use different Qualities (Brains or Bravery) to resolve a conflict such as psychic combat. If this is the case then use the same procedure as outlined with Brawn.

Combat Table:

TARDIS Characters All other Targets
1 Stun Stun
2 Stun Stun
3 Stun Wound
4 Wound/KO Wound
5 Wound/KO Serious Wound
6 Wound/KO Serious Wound
7 Serious Wound Death
8+ Serious Wound Death

Combat Examples:

Example 1: The Doctor (Brawn 6) and Rose Tyler (Brawn 5) get attacked by a Dalek (Brawn 10). The Doctor rolls a 3, the Dalek rolls a 2 The Dalek has a higher total Brawn of 12, a difference of 2 against the Doctor’s 10. This causes a Stun result as both the Doctor and Rose are TARDIS Characters. The Doctor chooses to be Stunned. This means that for the remainder of the combat (only), his Brawn reduces by 1. In the next round, the Doctor now has a Brawn of 5. Perhaps it’s time to run!

Example 2: 3 UNIT Soldiers (each Brawn 6) encounter 2 Cybermen (each Brawn 9) who march towards them, arm lasers firing and crying ‘delete’! As there are more Soldiers than Cybermen, 2 soldiers are assigned to the first Cyberman and the other soldier to the second Cyberman. In the first round, the soldiers (total Brawn 8) roll a 4 (total 12), the Cyberman a 3 (total Brawn 12). It is a stand-off as the totals are equal. In the other combat, the soldier rolls a 6 (total Brawn 12) to attack against a Cyberman who rolls a 1 (total Brawn 10). This gives a difference of 2, so the Cyberman is Stunned and so now has a Brawn of 8 for the remainder of the combat.

Next round in the first combat, the two soldiers roll a 1 (total Brawn 9), the Cyberman a 6 (total Brawn 15). This gives a difference of 6 against the soldiers so one of the soldiers takes a Serious Wound! In the other combat, the soldier rolls a 3 (total Brawn 9) and the stunned Cyberman rolls a 4 (total Brawn 12). This gives a difference of 4 and means the soldier is Wounded.

Escape: After a combat round you may attempt to escape the battle. Roll 2D6 for each Character and add any Running Traits. Consult the event for the total you need to escape. If you don’t make the total, the battle continues. You can attempt to escape after each round. If only some of your Characters escape, you can either choose to leave them behind or opt not to escape at all.

Routs: You can attempt to frighten your enemy into running away from the combat if you wish. Each time you kill a Character in the opposing group, after you finish all strikes, make a Bravery roll for each opposing Character or Enemy. If they fail, they run from the combat. Opposing Machine characters or those with a Brawn of 9 or higher are never subject to rout, they will always fight to the death.

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