R306j. Seek Information

You decide to try and find out more information. You must have had a Plot or Enemy (but no Goal) event and use Bureaucrat (Renaissance Era onwards), Charisma (any era but each 2 Charisma gives +1 to the roll), Thief (any era but on result 5 see e059), History (Modern Era or earlier), or Computers (Post-Modern Era onwards). This action cannot be used in a Wilderness Adventure location. Roll 2D6, adding +1 to the roll for each of your chosen Trait (max +3). You may Seek Information using more than 1 Trait per Adventure, but only 1 at a time per group. If you roll natural doubles and there is an Enemy revealed, your encounter this turn will be an Enemy.

2: You have been led into a trap and are captured – e059

3: You may encounter some trouble and encounter Enemies – roll for Enemy event.

4: Your sources dry up – you may not Seek Information using this Trait again in this adventure.

5-6: Your clues turn out to be false and you discover nothing.

7: You discover nothing this turn, but may seek further next turn, adding +1 to the result.

8: You may either roll for a Location event or a Character event.

9: You discover some important information. Roll for a Plot event.

10: You discover vital information. Gain +1 DM.

11: You hear of an important place – see e082.

12+: Discover the Enemy plan – roll for a Goal (revealing Enemy if necessary). Gain 1 point.