R306e. Move

If you wish your Characters to split up (or sometimes it happens without your control!), then each group of Characters may choose a separate Action (r306), and each have a separate Encounter. If you then want them to regroup together, this must be a Move Action. Roll 2D6 and add any Tracking Traits you might have, together with any other modifier. If the result is 8+, you have joined the groups together. Each successive Move action has a +1 bonus.

The Move action can also be used to go to a Location you have discovered, to go to the Tardis (e001c), or to find a character known to one of your Allies or Companions. Use the same method as above (2D6, plus Tracking, 8+). If successful enter the code for the desired location (e.g.e028):


A Follow action is sometimes available in Enemy encounters and is a special Move action after a successful Hide. Roll 2D6 and add any Tracking and Thief Traits but subtract the number of Characters in your group (including yourself). The Enemy encounter will then tell you the result of the Action.