R306d. Investigate

You do some investigating to try and find out more. This action may only be chosen if indicated by an event or if you know the Enemy but not the Goal. Roll 2D6, and add +1 for each Aware (and +1 for each History if in Earth Victorian Era or earlier) – to a maximum +3. If you roll natural doubles, also see e002.

2-3: You have been led into a trap and are captured – e059.

4-5: You may encounter some trouble and encounter Enemies – roll for Enemy event.

6: Your clues turn out to be false and you discover nothing.

7: You discover nothing this turn, but may investigate further next turn, adding +1 to the result (cumulative).

8: You discover a Location that could be important – roll for a Location event (If you are already at a Location then instead roll for a Plot event).

9-10: You discover some important information. Roll for a Plot event.

11: You discover vital information. Gain +1 Defeat Modifier.

12+: You discover a vital place - see e082.