R306c. Exploring

You decide to explore the area and see what you can discover. This action may only be chosen if you have not yet had an Enemy event. Roll 2D6 and add +1 (max 3) for each Tracking. If you roll a natural doubles, in addition to any result below, your group becomes randomly split (see r306e).

2: You encounter an Enemy – roll for an Enemy event.

3-4: You become hopelessly lost – see e078 immediately.

5: Companion in trouble – see e002.

6-7: You discover nothing unusual.

8: You meet someone – roll for a Character event.

9-10: You either discover clues that need Investigating – see r306d next turn if you wish OR make a successful Move Action to roll for a Location event next turn.

11: You discover something important – roll for a Plot event

12+: You discover something vital – see e082.