R306a. Defeating Enemies

This action is only allowed if you know the identity of the Enemy in the adventure and their Goal. You roll 2D6 and add any Defeat Modifiers (DM) you have, with -1 if Turn 1-4, and +1 if Turn 9+.

2-3: You are killed in your attempt to Defeat the Enemy – the game is over.

4: Your companion has been killed. Randomly determine which TARDIS Character is destroyed and lose 2 Luck Points. If you have no companion, you are killed and the game is over.

5: You have failed to defeat the Enemy and have been captured – see e060.

6: You have failed to defeat the Enemy – lose 1 Luck Point.

7: You have failed to defeat the Enemy – take a -1DM and roll immediately for an Enemy event.

8-9: You have failed to Defeat the Enemy.

10: An unknown factor has emerged – see e111.

11: An opportunity arises 1-2: e092; 3-4: e126; 5-6: e128.

12: Confrontation – Gain a +1DM and roll for an Enemy event.

13+: You encounter the Enemy and can now Oppose even if you do not have enough DM.