R305. Adventures

All Adventures begin with A in the Adventure Booklet. This section will tell you where the TARDIS has landed such as Earth or Platform 1 etc, and a date. Although the date does not have any direct effects on play, certain events are linked to certain dates. Adventures will have categories of encounters such as Enemy, Character, Event (1), Event (2), Location and Plot. Each category has a 1D6 roll to give you a specific encounter.

After you have an Action then roll 2D6 on the Encounter Matrix to see if you have an Encounter this turn. Note that as time (turn number) within the Adventure progresses, the frequency and types of Encounter changes. Once you successfully Defeat an Enemy, the Adventure is completed.

You must keep track of the turns in an Adventure as certain events are modified and other events will happen at certain times. All Adventures also have a time limit, usually 12 turns. If you do not Defeat the Enemy before the time limit is reached, then the Enemy has reached their Goal and defeated you. You must lose Luck Points equal to the Enemy Goal value minus their Defeat Modifier (so you lose more points if you are Defeated by the Daleks than you would if Defeated by a Graske).

If you lose an Adventure and do not have enough Luck Points left to cover this loss then roll 1D6:

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