R304. Enemies

Although you will encounter many Characters on your travels, you will also encounter Enemies – both old and new. These all have paragraphs that begin with V in the Enemy booklet. All Enemies also have a positive or negative Defeat Modifier (DM) that indicates how hard they are to Defeat (Daleks are much tougher than a Werewolf!). You may attempt to Defeat an Enemy as an Action, but unless you are very lucky, you will be attacked, captured or killed unless you have first found a little bit about their plans and Goals.

Once you roll for an Enemy event, any further Enemy events in the Adventure will be with the same Enemy. As soon as an Enemy is revealed, add its DM to your current DM. Note that ‘revealing’ an Enemy means that you just roll to see what Enemy is here – you do NOT have an Enemy encounter.

Each Enemy will have a number of Goals listed. Until the Enemy is revealed, each Plot event means that you roll on the Plot line in the Adventure. When you know who the Enemy is then if you again have to roll for a Plot, instead roll for a Goal on that Enemy. Knowing the Enemy Goal affects the type of encounters you get on the Encounter Table (r307). If you have already had a Goal event and you are required to roll for a Plot or Goal event then instead gain a +1 Defeat Modifier. The difference between a Goal event and a Plot event is that the conditions for gaining bonuses from Plot events exist only for that event. The conditions for gaining bonuses from a Goal event are usually more difficult and last for the rest of the Adventure. This means you have some time to find help, do some planning or some cunning research. When trying to gain conditions for fulfilling either Plot or Goal events a Trait can come from anyone in your group. A Quality requirement indicates the total Quality your group needs.

When a player achieves a DM equal to the Goal number, he can now ‘Oppose’ the Enemy. The effects of this are detailed in Enemy events and normally an Enemy cannot be Defeated unless you can Oppose. If there are additional ways to Defeat an Enemy these will be detailed in the Enemy event. Being able to Oppose also affects the type of Encounters you will get on r307.

When you Defeat an Enemy you gain Luck Points equal to their Goal, minus their Defeat Modifier. This means that a negative modifier (like the Daleks have -2) will earn you more Luck Points.

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