R303. TARDIS Characters

When you gain Companions (often by making a Charisma roll – other Characters in your group cannot add Charisma to this roll), they become TARDIS Characters, and join you in your adventures. TARDIS Characters can be more difficult to kill in certain events or in combat.

At the end of an Adventure when you gain a new Companion, roll 1D6. If you roll less than the total number of Companions then one of your other Companions (determined randomly) decides to leave at the end of the current Adventure. If this happens roll another 1D6 and if the result is greater than the number of Companions still with you, gain 1D3 Luck Points. You must roll for a Companion leaving at the end of each Adventure. You may never have more than 2 Companions at any one time and if you do gain more then you must reduce the total back to 2 at the end of the current Adventure by rolling randomly to see which Companions leave.

Companions often have friends and family. If you land at an Adventure location where your Companion is Native, you may try to contact them by making a successful Move (r306e) roll.

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