R302. Trait and Quality Rolls

Some events ask you to make a roll based on a Trait or Quality – such as a Charisma roll, a Marksman roll, or a Brains roll.

If the roll is Quality based – Brains, Brawn or Bravery – then to succeed you must usually roll 2D6 and have a result that is equal or less than the Quality. Some events give penalties or bonuses to the Quality before the roll is made. An opposed Quality roll indicates that you add 1D6 to a Quality and an Enemy does the same. The highest total wins the encounter.

If the roll is Trait based, such as Charisma, or Marksman, the event or reference will give a number. Roll 2D6 and count all the matching Traits that your group has. If the total of the dice roll and Traits equals or exceeds the number given, then you have succeeded. Sometimes an event or reference will only allow you to add your personal Traits as the Doctor and roll only 1D6.

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