R301. Your Character

You begin play as the Doctor – Last of the Time Lords and the only survivor of the terrible Time War.

You have Brains 10, Brawn 4 and a Bravery of 7. You may also add 5 points to your Qualities, but no more than 3 to any one Quality.

Example: You could add 2 to Brains, 2 to Brawn and 1 to Bravery to have Brains 12, Brawn 6 and Bravery 8.

You also choose 8 Traits from the following list. Other Traits do exist, but you may only choose from the list below. You may not choose a Trait twice, although you can increase your Traits (and purchase new ones) later in the game by spending Luck points.

Traits available to choose are: Aware; Charisma; Computers; Demolitions; Domination; Engineering; History; Marksman; Medicine; Pilot; Poison; Running; Science; Thief; Tracking.

You also start the game with 4 Luck Points. Luck Points are used when you want to re-roll a dice at any time. Simply cross off a Luck Point every time a roll does not go your way, and roll it again. You may NOT spend another Luck Point if you still do not like the result. Beware using your points recklessly as the Universe is a dangerous place. If you are required to roll multiple dice, such as 2D6, then spending 1 Luck Point will roll all the dice again. Luck Points (or simply ‘points’) are gained through events, gaining a Companion and Defeating Enemies.

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