Differences with the html version

Aims and Limitations

The html version is designed to create the links between all the various paragraphs in the book version. The aim is that there will be no need to look up the next paragraph or keep bookmarks in 4 different places as the page you are on has the links you need.

The limitation of this approach is that it does not keep any record of your character statistics, companions, turns or anything else. There are buttons that "roll dice" for you but that is all. You still need to record these yourself. There may be improvements in the future to perform this task ... or there may not.

Popups and Javascript

This version uses popups to display events without losing the Adventure or Enemy, and uses Javascript for the buttons, combat and popups. Your browser may have these functions disabled. If they are you should get a warning message when the page loads and you will then need to adjust your browser settings.

Adventure and Enemy display

Apart from the start page (a400) and the pages between Adventures, you will usually be playing from a split screen displaying the Adventure location at the top and the Enemy at the bottom. Following the Adventure location description is a list of the available Actions (see R306). Clicking one of these will take you to the appropriate page where you can perform the Action and see the result. Below the actions is a link to the Encounter Matrix (R307) to be rolled on after every Action, and then the Event Matrix for that Adventure with links to the appropriate events. (This wll all make sense if you have read the Rules.) Finally there is a link for when your Adventure ends (succeed or fail). The details for the Enemy will be displayed in the lower half, once you have discovered who the Enemy is.


In certain interactions with Events and Enemies, Fighting will be an option and is begun by clicking the "Fight" button. You will then be asked to enter the number of opponents you face. This will open one Combat window for each opponent. You will need as many Combat windows as there are pairings of Characters and Allies against oppponents (see R308). Close any you do not need. Each window has two columns, one for the Character or Ally and one for the opponent. The first three entries are for an identifying name (to help in remembering which combat refers to who), their Brawn, and a checkbox for a Tardis Character. Following this are places to enter how many characters on that side of the pairing are Stunned, helping with Brawn 3-5 and so on. Once all the modifiers are entered, click the "fight Round" button. the Result displays the base number with modifiers followed by the die roll and the result. Any Stun or Wound results must be entered into the modifiers for following rounds. While the window will calculte the results of a single combat round, the player has to do the record keeping. When Combat is finished close the windows and return to where the fight started.


On each page that opens there are two kinds of links. One kind are links to the next paragraph/page. You should only click on the link(s) that fits your current situation. The other sort of link is for reference to rules or other events etc (for example "DM" is usually linked to R304 the rules of Enemies). These links may be freely clicked allowing to check that you are playing correctly and then go back to where you were. (Most pages have a "Go Back" button.) In most situations it will be easy to tell from the context which link is which. No harm will be done by going to links to rules (R3xx) or events (exxx). However clicking on the wrong Adventure (a4xx) or Enemy (v5xx) can change the current Adventure or Enemy which can be more difficult to return from. (It can still be done by retracing your original Adventure and Actions.)

Finally for those who are familiar with the game, note that at present this only implements the core game and not any of the expansions available in book form which, incidentally, I highly recommend as a very enjoyable gaming experience.

To read through the rules start with R301. Your Character.

To start the game, go to the Adventure prologue A400.