e035. Dangerous Situation

(Danger) A random Character in your group has become trapped in a dangerous situation! Roll 1D6.

  1. The Character is trapped in a room with loose electrical cables. Unless they have a combined Brains and Bravery (plus any Aware and Thief) of 14, then roll 1D6: 1-2: Recieve 1 Wound; 3-4: Recieve 2Wounds; 5-6: Killed.
  2. The Character is dangling on the end of a long rope over a dizzying height. Roll 1D6, adding 1 for each Charisma Trait the Character has. If the result is 4 or greater then they are rescued – roll immediately for a Character event, otherwise the Character falls to their death. Lose 2 Luck Points if this was a Companion.
  3. Choose another Character to go with the first random one. These 2 Characters are separated from the rest of your group and are trapped at the bottom of a long shaft until you have made an Engineering 9 roll. If you cannot do this before the end of the adventure then both Characters are killed. Lose 2 Luck Points if any Character was a Companion.
  4. The Character has been infected by a terrible immobilising disease. If the Character is a Machine, ignore this event. If you do not have at least 20 Brains and 3 Medicine then the disease starts to progress. The infected Character loses 1 Brawn each turn and is killed when their Brawn reaches zero. To cure the disease you must have 20 Brains and make a Medicine 10 roll.
  5. The Character is chased by a huge mechanical claw and must make 3 successful Running 8 rolls. Each time the roll is failed, roll 1D6: 1-2: The claw smashes to the ground but the Character rolls away in time and is just Stunned; 3-4: The Character recieves 1 Wound; 5-6: The Character is recieves 2 Wounds.
  6. The Character is separated from the rest of the group and to return they have to make a treacherous journey. Next turn, unless they make a successful Move (r306e) roll and a successful Bravery roll, they are killed. Lose 2 Luck Points if the Character was a Companion.