e001. The TARDIS

You stand at the console of the TARDIS – your trusty Time and Space machine – as it flies through the Time Vortex. You may try to set the controls for a particular destination (e001a), or just let the TARDIS materialise wherever she wants (e001b).

Before you get to any destination, roll 2D6. If the result is 8+, then you have an event in the Vortex. Roll 2D6 and go to the event below:

2: e282; 3: e016; 4: e014; 5: e013; 6: e009; 7: e007; 8: e008; 9: e010; 10: e015; 11: e011; 12: e012.

You may attempt to Repair a Damaged TARDIS whilst in the Vortex with an Engineering 10 roll. A Damaged TARDIS that is again Damaged is destroyed. You may also try to repair the TARDIS as an Action in an Adventure.