A426. Earth – 1962 (Modern Era)

(Holiday) You have landed in a sleepy old village in rural England. The sun is shining over the village green and you can just hear the church bells sound in the distance as the morning starts. But does the village contain a terrible secret? Why do the villagers fear the dark?

Special: If this is your first adventure your first Character event will automatically be e224 and when the Enemy is revealed, gain an additional +1DM. Due to the local gossip in the village, you may Seek Information as an Action using Charisma without having had a Plot event.

Enemy (D6): 1: v529; 2: v502; 3: v524; 4: v528; 5: v515; 6: v521;

Character (D6): 1: e207; 2: e072; 3: e050; 4: e275; 5: e249; 6: e203;

Event 1 (D6): 1: e205; 2: e223; 3: e151; 4: e035; 5: e038; 6: e002;

Event 2 (D6): 1: e208; 2: e101; 3: e124; 4: e250; 5: e229; 6: e002;

Plot (D6): 1: e132; 2: e131; 3: e157; 4: e133; 5: e150; 6: e141;

Location (D6): 1: e093; 2: e259; 3: e254; 4: e254; 5: e064; 6: e236;

Adventure ends: If you Defeat the Enemy, are defeated, or killed, click here.