Your Adventure starts here...

A400. Prologue

“Evil events have overtaken the Universe! The Timelords and your home planet of Gallifrey have been destroyed in the last, great Time War. You managed to escape just in time and now, in a new regeneration, are standing next to the central console of your TARDIS as it flies through the twisting miasma of the Time Vortex.”

To start the game, first determine the Qualities and Traits of this regeneration by reading Your Character (r301). Then return here to find if you have anything lying around the console. Roll 1d6:1-2: e182; 3-4: e183; 5-6: e184.

“Your thoughts turn to your last companion – your friend who gave her life so that you could reach the TARDIS and escape and you lower your head sadly. But what destination co-ordinates did you set for the TARDIS? You shake your head to clear it – short term amnesia from your regeneration no doubt.”

Now find out how an Adventure is played by reading Adventures (r305). You may also wish to read about Enemies (r304).

“You watch as a loud wheezing, groaning sound suddenly fills the air as the TARDIS starts to materialise. As the sound dies away, you check the controls of the TARDIS to see where you are.”

Roll a 1d6: 1: a401; 2: a403; 3: a406; 4: a426; 5: a432; 6: a443.

“Now you straighten your new clothes (much better than your last incarnation anyway) and step outside the TARDIS to begin your adventure.”

Choose your first Action by reading Actions in Adventures (r306). Don’t forget that after each Action you roll on the Encounter Matrix (r307) to see if an encounter has occurred. If it has, the relevant table in this Adventure booklet will lead you to a new event.

If you wish to return to the TARDIS during the Adventure, go to e001c. At the end of the Adventure, go to e001.